Rules of TipTool

Rules of TipTool

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generic Rules

  1. This is not a lottery-like game - it is for fun. You do not buy the right to win any benefit.
  2. Using TipTool is free. If you feel like giving a little support to make us ends meet, donations are welcome to cover the costs. Please do so via Paypal on the Sponsors' page or contact the Administrator for details.
  3. The User-ID and Password you receive from the application allows you to sign in to TipTool and place your Tips.
  4. As a user you are not allowed to manipulate TipTool and its functionality in any way.
  5. Do not intentionally or unintentionally lock out a different user of the game. To unlock a locked user takes administrative effort and time.
  6. Should you fail to obey these rules and you may be perpetrated, the administrator will lock you out of the game for good or even delete your user account.
Please note that the timestamps are being displayed in the format you chose in your profile! If World time is being displayed, this is indicated by a (UTC) behind the timestamp.
Please refer to the Legal Disclaimer for further information related to the use of TipTool.

Ranking Rules

The Ranking-Rules are defined per sports category and can be looked up on the respective page (see link on Tournament's page).
Your match predictions are rated and your score is updated daily.
Before the start of the tournament you must predict the Tournament Champion Team. You will be automatically redirected to the respective page whenever trying to provide a Tip.
Take note for all games ending in a penalty shootout: If the result stands as a draw at the end of normal playing time, extra time will be played. If the two teams are still equal after extra time, the winners will be determined by a penalty shootout. For this reason your Tip is good for up to the end of extra time only i.e. before the penalty-shootout. Therefore, you could enter a draw (e.g. 1:1) as this is allowed before the penalty-shootout.
The principles and rules of the sports tournaments may vary which means a draw may be decided by penalty-shootout from the start of the tournament or from later stages (eg. From quarter-finals). The rules of the particular Sports event can be obtained from the press or sports associations.
You can place your tip for each game before the given deadline or simply place all tips before the start of the tournament. The games of the upcoming stages (i.e. quarter final, semi final, final) will be set up with dummy names (the team names are not known yet). You may give your tips for the upcoming stages to make sure you do not miss any tip-deadlines.

Should Tipsters have the same sum of points, it is the one with more exact scores who gets the higher rank. Should these Tipsters even have the same number of exact scores, it is the one with the Champion Tip score who gets the higher rank. Should these Tipsters even each have a Champion Tip score, they are being ranked equally listed in alphabetical order. The ranks they would have gotten instead are being skipped.
(e.g. Two 1st ranks will be followed by the 3rd rank, since the 2nd is being skipped). Please note that you have the option of displaying the ranking list without applying the Champion Tip score.


Sign in

To actively participate, i.e. set up a Tipster-Pool and provide your tips in TipTool you must sign in. If you do not have sign in credentials (Password and User id), you should first register (one time process, detals see below). If you have forgotten your password, please go to the Have you forgotten your password or User ID? within the Sign in page.
How to sign in:
You need to click the Sign in tab to get to the sign in screen. Provide your User-ID and Password there. Once you are signed in you are being welcomed by your Username (Alias) - not as a guest any longer (see top left of the website).
Please note that you have ten attempts to sign in. After the tenth failure your account will be locked for 24 hours. Once the 24 hours passed you may try to sign in again.
Should your account still be locked after 24 hours, please contact the Administrator by providing:
 • e-mail Address (if not the reply address of your e-mail)
 • Username; also known as 'Alias'
 • Account created (approx. Date/Time)
 • last successful sign in (approx. Date/Time)
The Administrator will check whether he is eligible to unlock your account based on the information you provided.


TipTool maintains a public and a secure area. Therefore, anyone who wants to actively participate in TipTool must sign up to get his credentials (i.e. Create a password and User ID) by registering once in order to be able to sign in.Registration is free and you have no obligation to buy anything. However, by registering you agree to the rules stated in the FAQ and its related pages.
The following is required for a successful registration:
 • User Name also known as 'Alias' (this will be your name to be displayed throughout TipTool)
 • e-mail address (for the Administrator only) ) to send your credentials to
 • Password and User ID : if you do not fill-in, TipTool will create these automatically for you and send this to your e-mail address
Should your preferred Alias already be taken, you will get a message and have another try. An Alias must be uniqe ie. exist only once in TipTool - capital letters are not considered (not case sensitive). You are encouraged to use your true first and last name as your Alias.
You will not be able to change your Alias. Choose your Alias carefully (Should your Alias be offensive language or alike, you might be renamed or even get locked for good by the Administrator).
After successful enrollment you will receive your User-ID and Password in two separate e-mails. These are the credentials to sign in to TipTool.

Self Administration

Once you successfully signed in to TipTool you will see a tab named 'My Profile' where you can change your Profile at any time: Password, User-ID and e-mail. Clicking such a link will take you to a screen where you can update your User-ID, your Password or your e-mail address yourself.
Your e-mail Adresse won't be visible to other users of TipTool, to prevent systematic gathering of SPAM e-mail addresses. Communication via e-mail is being supported between registered TipTool users only via the TipTool mail server, unless you decided to suppress this functionality in your profile. Should you have forgotten your User-ID or your password, then please go to the Have you forgotten your password or User ID? within the Sign in page. Important: pleass keep your e-mail address updated as otherwise your password can no longer be sent to you. As a last resort you may contact the administrator.

More details can be found in the Glossary.

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