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Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)


Where can I find more information ?

You may find more information on TipTool when following these links:

What is TipTool ?

TipTool is a Web-Application which provides a platform for placing and storing your match tips (predictions) for tournament style Tournaments (e.g. Football World Cup) and lets you take part in or set up an own team of participants (Tipster-Pool) to compete for best tipster within your Pool. The tool will provide an automated ranking and scoreboard feature for each Tipster-Pool. Have you ever maintained a spreadsheet of Football results with friends and experienced the hassle in keeping it all going? This is a breeze on the Internet with TipTool!

What is special about TipTool ?

What is special is that, as a signed up user, you can attach yourself to one or more Tipster-Pools of your choice. The tool lets you place your tips with friends, (far-away) relatives and work mates instead of having to compete against thousands of anonymous tipsters. This means you can set up your own Tipster-Pool and decide who should be allowed in or you can request to participate in other Tipster-Pools as you like. Originally, designed for Football World cup and the European Championship this tool will support all types of sporting events with a tournament style match system of points scoring. You can even set up your own sporting event (eg. Cricket-World Championship, Basketball World Cup, Handball World Cup, etc) where you can administrate a tournament and place tips with like-minded people.
TipTool has NO booking functionality to manage stakes.

How can I get started ?

You have two options:

1) Create your own Tipster-Pool and invite family/friends
2) take part in an existing Tipster-Pool

Decide with your friends and family who should create the Tipster-Pool and what name you want to give this Pool (e.g. The Best Guess, The Jones Family, The Incredibles, etc). The one who creates the Pool will automatically be nominated as the Pool administrator by TipTool. If you are ready to establish a Tipster-Pool, the Pool-administrator should first take the guided tour 'Setup my Pool'. Afterwards, you can can take the guided tour 'Invite' to send each of the intended co-tipsters a personal invitation link through TipTool to join the Tipster-Pool. The e-mail invitation will take the user directly to the Tipster-Pool where he/she can start entering his/her tips.
If your Tipster-Pool is already set up and you have not received an Invite through tiptool you can, alternatively, take the guided tour 'Participate' to join to your Tipster-Pool (you will be asked to choose a Tipster-Pool to attach to.
Should you want to establish a new Tournament (eg. Tournament or League in your area, etc), pls contact the Administrator with details and we will set this up for you.

How can I participate ?

Simply take a guided tour. If you want to try yourself without guidance, you must have a TipTool user-account. If you haven't, please register.
If you already have a TipTool user-Account, you need to sign in, to actively participate. 

Why use my real name when I register ?

TipTool was built with the aim of allowing family and friends to administrate small and personal Tipster-Pools. Most of our users prefer to know who they are playing with. If fellow tipsters prefer to mask their identity, we at TipTool will not prohibit this but will take action if undesirable names are used.

How is my real name being protected from being searchable ?

If a user is not signed into TipTool, names are being displayed in a cut-off manner (only taking the first three letters from Version 4.2 onwards). Search engines will find and index the mutilated names only. The dropdownlist with the real names (in case you forgot your userID or pasword) is split into several pieces that are not of use to a search engine. Should you still find your name together with TipTool on a search engine's resultpage, it is due to the unmutilated real names being displayed before version 4.2. These resuts will vanish over time.

Why can't I see the tips placed by the other users ?

All placed Tips will be hidden to other users until after the deadline for placing Tips. Normally, the Tips will be visible again after the start of the match. This way your fellow Tipsters cannot copy your Tips and gain an advantage by this (eg. 1st place Tipster always places the same Tips as the 2nd place Tipster therefore the 2nd place Tipster has no chance to ever catch up).

How's the Scoring and Ranking determined ?

A ranking is automatically provided for each Tipster-Pool. This is based on evaluating individual tips against actual match results whereby points can be scored. After the final round the Champion tip is included.
The Scoring-Rules are defined per sports-category and can be seen after having clicked the appropriate link on a Tournament-, Tipster-Pool- or Tips-page.

What happens in case of retroactive disciplinary action ?

In the Tournament of disciplinary action by FIFA/UEFA against a particular team which would impact previous match results TipTool will adopt that ruling and retrospectively rate the relevant matches. For example, the relevant match finished with a score of 1:0 but UEFA overturned this with a 0:3 forfeit. In this case, TipTool will amend the previous score to read 0:3 and update the user rankings accordingly.

How can I contact other Tipsters ?

Each tipster can be contacted via the TipTool mailserver. Simply click on the Pool name and click on the tipster's name from the list of names to see the mail contact link - this feature will only work if you are signed in.
If you want to contact the Pool administrator just click on the Pool name and use the contact link provided. You can reach the TipTool Administrator even if you are not signed in using the Link at the footer of the page.
TipTool will not reveal your fellow tipster's email address to protect them from unwanted spam.

Can I invite others to TipTool ?

TipTool allows a signed in user to invite other people to the Tipster-Pool he or she is participating in. The invitee may or may not be registered to TipTool already. To do so, please take the guided tour 'Invite' within the My TipTool section. . There you may either select a registered user or type the e-mail address of a non-registered user. Before sending the invitation to the invitee, you may add a few personal words and then send the invitation.

I forgot my Password/my UserID - what am I supposed to do now ?

Go to the Sign-in-form and click on the Forgotten your User ID or Password. There you will be able to select your user name (alias) from the list to have your user ID being sent to your e-mail address - you also get a separate e-mail with a link that allows you to reset your password. Prerequisite for a successful dispatching is that TipTool has your current and valid e-mail address. If in doubt, please contact the administrator by help of the link at each page's footer. 

How can I order my own Pool/my own Tournament ?

If you'd like to order a TipTool-Pool, please take the guided tour 'Setup my Pool'. There you provide the name and a short description of the Pool.
To order your own Tournament, a similar guided tour will be available soon - until then, please contact the administrator.

How do I print or export my data ?

Go to the desired page (e.g. your Tips, Ranking page, etc). For printing there is a print icon; when you click on this you should get a pop-up menu that will let you set the print format (landscape or portrait). It is recommended that you set to landscape format when printing your Tips.
If you prefer to export your data then you are advised to use the copy and paste method. You can mark the rows which you would like to copy and open the programme that you want to copy to (eg. MS-excel) and paste the data into that file.

What does it cost ?

TipTool does not cost anything to users. To make ends meet at least in terms of running-costs, we have to rely on sponsors. Please take notice of our sponsors and buy there so that TipTool may stay for free

TipTool is not profit oriented - to the contrary: we're glad if some donations scarcely meet the expenditures of the hosting contract, let alone the development costs. Development is not being billed and just for fun... and learning about web-applications.
Should you receive an invoice that urges you to pay an amount to TipTool, please do not respond to this as this may be a phishing attack. Should you receive an invoice via e-mail, please immediately delete this e-mail without having opened any attachments and without clicking any link in it.

How secure is TipTool ?

Even though it is not possible to get 100% security, TipTool implemented a few measures to get as far as possible. Of course, these measures are not being explained here. Should you come across a security hole, please report it to the Administrator by help of the link on each page's footer.
Be well aware of this: TipTool does encrypt data ! Nevertheless, please never use a UserID or Password that grants you access to other, sensitive systems !
Your e-mail address will not be published - e-mail contacts all go via the TipTool mailserver.

What is legally allowed ?

Please find the detailed answers in the legal disclaimer.


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