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We are Daniel Gubler and Daniel Hugentobler and we both share the excitement of finding the master tipster of major sports tournaments. Together with our IT knowledge we have converted this excitement into a web tool designed to manage game predictions of championship tournaments. We feel that our neighbours and workmates should have the opportunity to create a Tipster-Pool with their families and friends without the hassle of collecting and updating the data. Even the long lost uncle in Florida enjoyed competing with his folks on the old continent, and a friend in New Zealand administered 'his' Rugby world championship on our platform. Not to mention is the fan club that raised money through their fellow tipsters.

Through feedback from Family and Friends we have been able to constantly improve TipTool and add more features. As a result, we have taken the opportunity to open this up to the general public. As we are both employed TipTool is not working for profit. Nevertheless, we would appreciate having you on our sponsor page where you can make a contribution towards our running costs. You may contact us by using the e-mail link at the bottom of each page.

Many thanks to my wife Pia who had to endure the development of TipTool latest version over the last few months.
Also many thanks go to Daniel Gubler who initiated TipTool in the Autumn of 2003 and who does a lot of valuable beta-testing with his family and colleagues time and again.


Business contact:

Daniel Gubler
Rösliweg 1
8404 Winterthur

Technical contact:

Daniel Hugentobler
Im Juch 15
8603 Schwerzenbach


green.ch AG
Badstrasse 50
5200 Brugg


Version 8.5.5 - June 29th 2021.
You can see the current version when you mouse-over the copyright's text.

Version-history and what's new in TipTool


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